Get Ready for CLAN 108, the Ultimate Bootcamp Experience


Mr. Lee, just wanted to write a quick email to say thanks for all of your help the past few months. The short strength sessions have really expedited my recovery from knee surgery.  You really should get into physical therapy. I’m thinking about training for the Marathon this year. Any suggestions?

 - Richard Davis, New York, NY

Stanford, you kick _ss!!! My girlfriend still can't believe a couch potato like me is actually sticking to an exercise program. Working out with you just makes it so much easier! Just wanted to say thanks. By the way, I know that we need to strive for "Indomitable Spirit" but can we cut down on the jump squats to less than a 100 next time. I need to walk to work!!!

 - John P., New York, NY

Stan, thanks so much for your careful guidance. When I asked you for a few pointers in a training program to start off the new year on the right track, I didn't expect so much follow up and care. Your knowledge of exercise programs and methods is quite impressive and your inspiration has been nothing but phenomenal. I just want to let you know that I've stopped smoking for 7 months now and I feel great. My husband is truly grateful.  Your breathing techniques are simply amazing and effective.  No words can express my thanks to you. You really have a lot to offer. Keep doing what you're doing and don't ever stop.  You're definitely on the right path my friend.

- Lisa Morales, Queens NY

Stanford is a natural teacher. His passion and commitment to fitness is readily apparent and infectious. Training with him just a half hour, four times a week in the park has really improved my overall strength and flexibility.  I especially enjoy the "Traditional" Kung fu conditioning methods he has me working through so much that I've joined a school. This was when the payoff of the workouts with Stanford truly shine, for I eased through the first couple of months of training and progressed rather quickly. My good conditioning helped me concentrate more on learning the new skills instead of just trying to stay up with the rest of class. I highly recommend Stanford to anyone who's seeking more than what a typical Personal Trainer offers. Heck he really should do this full time and forget his office work.!!! 

- Cindy Chen, New York, NY

Stanford, keep up the progress in your practice (Yoga). You have a great heart. Use this precious gift to help others. This is your true path.
- Raj Bhajan, Lifetime Yogi









- Raj Bahjan, Lifetime Yogi